The ICNX Token

The Icon.X World utility token

ICNX is the Icon.X World utility token that is currently used as offchain currency on the Alpha platform and will soon be launched onchain through multiple launchpads.

One token, multiple utilities

Race Pass:

Once the new Icon.X World is released, the ICNX token will be used to mint Race Pass SBTs (Soul Bond Tokens) that will allow players to access the complete Icon.X World experience:

  • Immutable ranking system

  • Main events with ICNX rewards

  • Daily quests with ICNX rewards

  • Forge (NFT car skins minting)

A Fiat OnRamp solution will allow players mint their Race Pass using a debit card for a smooth onboarding and a seamless web3 experience.


Teams will also contribute to the ICNX growth by paying a fee in order to set-up their ingame profile. This fee, if collected in Fiat or USDT will be used for ICNX buy back.

Support to Earn:

Every ICNX holder will be able to lock ICNX and support the racer of their choice during the race of their choice to take a chance at collecting the Support to Earn prize pool.

IRL Events:

Holding ICNX will provide you with opportunities to join physical Icon.X World events around the world where you’ll be able to meet-up, party and why not do a test drive on a real track!


Finally, the ICNX token will be used for the governance of Icon.X World DAO (teams and companies identified on the platform) that will regularly vote on platform updates and specific events.


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